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China's critique of US human rights record

An interesting critique of the US human rights record—from the Chinese government. Makes for an interesting discussion about what “human rights” are. From theatlantic:

The Chinese government is not fond of criticism. Sometimes they lock the critics up (see: Ai Weiwei). They can’t do that with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, though. Thus, apparently in response to a Clinton’s speech and the U.S. State Department’s 2011 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, the Chinese government has released its own report: a catalog of the human rights abuses of the United States, accusing the U.S. of hypocrisy.

It’s a fascinating document, one touching on cases both famous and obscure. Those tuned in to American public discourse will recognize a lot of media topics in there: the Giffords shooting, gun rights, TSA full-body scanners, campaign finance, WikiLeaks, unemployment, the Wal-Mart gender equity suit, and—yes, believe it or not—sexting; the Chinese government lists sexting as an example of the U.S.’s inability to look after the rights of its children.

Read more at The Atlantic Wire

Foreign Affairs: New York Times Columnist David Brooks Revisits "The Clash of Civilizations"

From Foreign Affairs magazine (foreignaffairsmagazine):

In today’s New York Times, David Brooks argues that Samuel Huntington got it wrong in his ground-breaking essay, “The Clash of Civilizations”, published in Foreign Affairs in 1993.

Huntington’s controversial article (and later book) have been fuel for many debates in comparative politics (and international relations) courses—not to mention US foreign policy debates. Enjoy!