Chávez: Father of the poor?

Here’s another way to think about Chávez, from a “father’s” perspective: I love my children. So if I were to find out that I had a terminal illness, I would ensure that they were taken care of. I’d make sure I had a guardian appointed, some funds set aside for college, etc. In other words, I’d plan for a future for them without me and prepare an orderly transition that would minimize their anxiety. By all accounts, Chávez did none of that. So, tell me again how much he loved the Venezuelan people?

(I was prompted to think about this after a former student of mine reminded me of the book Father of the poor? about the mid-20th century Brazilian populist, Gêtulio Vargas. I regularly assign the book in my Populism in Latin American seminar.)

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  3. hereisyourhurricane said: I’m not Venezuelan so I can’t speak pro or against Chavez. However, I will say that not planning for the future (which we don’t know to what extend is true) does not make him ill-intentioned. I think only Scandinavian leaders make these plans anyway.
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